Introducing DriveShare by Hagerty

by Stacey Croteau on Aug 30, 2017

We say all the time that Hagerty is so much more than just an insurance company and everyday they prove that!   Hagerty is pleased to introduce the newest client experience: DriveShare by Hagerty.  DriveShare is the only peer-to-peer enthusiast car rental platform in the U.S – think Airbnb for collector vehicles.

This is not a typical anonymous car rental platform. Renters search the collection online, ask questions directly to owners and book the cars. Then owners and renters meet, take a test drive together and stay in contact during the rental period. Clients (both owners and renters) will receive coverage as part of the rental agreement.

We bet you can already feel the road beneath your feet and the wind in your air!  Interested in renting or listing your car for rental?  Check it out here!!