Winter in MA means storing your classic car

by Stacey Croteau on Nov 27, 2017

There are so many reasons that we love our partnership with Hagerty.  Best in class coverage and service are obvious but something that is often overlooked is that they are a wealth of knowledge.  

Hagerty eats, sleeps and breathes classic cars!   In this article they have busted some myths surrounding putting your baby to sleep for the winter.

The space itself. I hope I’m preaching to the converted when I say that it is crucially important to  keep a vintage car dry. That usually requires use of enclosed indoor storage. Not everyone is fortunate enough to own or rent a private building with 12,000 square feet of climate-controlled and air-filtered space. I certainly don’t have anything like that. Many of us make do with what we have—or have access to. Hopefully, that’s a fully-enclosed garage. If you absolutely must use an open carport (it’s better than nothing), avoid parking a car on dirt or grass at all costs. Both surfaces trap humidity and allow it circulate under the car. In an enclosed space, dryness is more important than cleanliness, provided that there aren’t rakes and paint cans poised to fall off the wall or shelves and smack your car. Electricity is helpful, as it allows you hook up a battery charger (discussed below), but it isn’t absolutely essential.  

We always recommend keeping insurance going year round so that should something happen while in storage you still have coverage.  If you would like to see what Hagerty can do for you please call our office at 1-978-352-8000!  Keep reading  this article here.

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